Certified Holistic Health Coaching

What We Do:

At Holistic Beginnings: Health Coaching, we offer online health coaching and support services to help you improve your overall health or help you with any specific health goals you may have. On our Services page, you will find a variety of health consultation options, including our most popular online support membership plans.

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a supportive partnership between you and a professional who is knowledgeable about healthy living and knows how to help people improve their overall health. Health coaching is an effective resource that can motivate and encourage behavioral changes to help you meet your health and wellness. At Holistic Beginnings, we take a holistic approach to coaching by assessing all areas of wellness to ensure complete transformations and permanent behavioral changes.

What Can I Discuss With My Health Coach?

There is a large range of topics that you can discuss with your health coach. Such topics include eating habits/nutrition, financial concerns related to healthy living, health maintenance, life satisfaction, physical activity, sleep and relaxation, stress and weight management, relationships, spiritual practices, and mindset.  It is ultimately your choice regarding what you want to focus on to improve your overall well-being.

About Me

My name is Cameron Hooper and I am a health coach who will help you work towards a balanced, nutritious, physically fit, and stress free lifestyle. As a graduate of Colby-Sawyer College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Promotion (with a pre-med track), I have a strong academic background to help strengthen my abilities as a health coach. Furthermore, I have experience working with a Naturopathic Doctor which solidifies my holistic approach to coaching–that experience has been invaluable. As a future goal, I plan on pursuing a career as a naturopath to further supplement my capabilities as a health coach and authority in the field.

I am also personally dedicated to healthy holistic living, alternative medicine, nutrition, etc. In essence, I live what I teach. As a health coach, I intend to teach in accordance to my holistic approach. I will help you improve all areas of wellness rather than focusing on one specific realm of wellness. If you wish to only work on one area of wellness, however, that is no problem! As a health coach, I will adapt to your personal needs, obstacles, and goals to craft the ideal health plan that suits you to ensure the greatest level of sustained success.

I offer online consultations, support, and information services to help you accomplish your health goals.